First service: December 3, 1933
Official organization of the congregation: May 5, 1934
First building: Corner of Beech and George Streets - September 16, 1934
First baptisms: September 24, 1934
Affiliation: Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada
Founding Pastor: Rev. E. E. Hooper
Present location: 10 Arlington Ave
  • First building dedicated in 1960
  • Second building dedicated in 1973

Missionary Involvement:
Since the very beginning Bethel has been a missions minded congregation. P resently we give more than 20% of our average income to missions. Bethel is not just a giving church but also a sending church. Since the early 1950's many of our congregation have been called in full time serving both at home and abroad. See a list of the missionaries we support here.


Worship at Bethel is blended. Sundays are a combination of contemporary hymns and choruses, accompanied 8 times out of 10 by a combination of guitar, keyboard, piano, and violin. 1 Chronicles 16:8-11; 1 Chronicles 16:25, John 4:24

The preaching of God's Word is a major focus of our worship services because we believe it is the truth of God and the instruction manual for the Christian life. 2 Timothy 4: 2; Hebrews 4:12; Romans 10:17

Prayer is a large part of our worship services because we believe God hears and answers prayer according to His will. - Matthew 21:22; Psalm 6:9; Psalm 118: 5