Who: Sparks (Gr 1-2) and T&T (Gr 3-6)

Awana Grand Pirx car racing down the track

Clubbers will race their cars during games time and compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Also available are 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for "Judge's Pick", which are the most creative and/or well designed cars, objects or characters.

Cut Out Deadline

If you need your car cut out, bring it in with your design on it and we will cut it for you as best as we can. Check out the Tips & Tricks we found online here; you don't have to do everything here, but there are pointers that can help beginners all the way to the more experienced designers. Note: you may not receive your cars back until club on the following week if we don't have time to cut out everyone's cars.

Painting Day

Games time this week will include a time to paint and decorate your cars

Cars Due

We need to weigh and measure your car before the race day, so you must have your car done by this date!

Racing Day

Come one, come all for the race of the century! (or Awana year!) While the Puggles and Cubbies have a regular afternoon of club, Sparks (1), T&Ts (2), and parents and leaders (3) will be competing for the "Judge's Pick" and speed trophies. Who will win it this year?

Important Dates